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Selected Date: 5/22/2015

Property Code 5.008 on 5/22/2015


The following section was amended by the 86th Legislature. Pending publication of the current statutes, see H.B. 3815 and S.B. 339, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, for amendments affecting the following section.

Sec. 5.008.  SELLER'S DISCLOSURE OF PROPERTY CONDITION. (a) A seller of residential real property comprising not more than one dwelling unit located in this state shall give to the purchaser of the property a written notice as prescribed by this section or a written notice substantially similar to the notice prescribed by this section which contains, at a minimum, all of the items in the notice prescribed by this section.

Text of subsection effective until January 01, 2016

(b)  The notice must be executed and must, at a minimum, read substantially similar to the following:


CONCERNING THE PROPERTY AT ___________________________________

                           (Street Address and City)


Seller __ is __ is not occupying the Property.

If unoccupied, how long since Seller has occupied the Property?


1.  The Property has the items checked below:

Write Yes (Y), No (N), or Unknown (U).

__ Range__ Oven__ Microwave
__ Dishwasher__ Trash Compactor__ Disposal
__ Washer/Dryer__ Window__ Rain Gutters
   Hookups   Screens
__ Security__ Fire Detection__ Intercom
   System   Equipment   System
__ Smoke Detector
__ Smoke Detector -
   Hearing Impaired
__ Carbon Monoxide
__ Emergency Escape
__ TV Antenna__ Cable TV__ Satellite
   Wiring   Dish
__ Ceiling Fan(s)__ Attic Fan(s)__ Exhaust
__ Central A/C__ Central Heating__ Wall/Window
__ Plumbing System__ Septic System__ Public Sewer
__ Patio/Decking__ Outdoor Grill__ Fences
__ Pool__ Sauna__ Spa
__ Hot Tub
__ Pool Equipment__ Pool Heater__ Automatic Lawn
__ Fireplace(s) &__ Fireplace(s) &
   Chimney   Chimney
   (Woodburning)   (Mock)
__ Natural Gas Lines__ Gas Fixtures
__ Liquid Propane Gas:__ LP Community__ LP on Property
Garage: __ Attached__ Not Attached__ Carport
Garage Door Opener(s):__ Electronic__ Control(s)
Water Heater:__ Gas__ Electric
Water Supply: __ City__ Well __ MUD__ Co-op

Roof Type:  ________________________________ Age:  _____(approx)

Are you (Seller) aware of any of the above items that are not in working condition, that have known defects, or that are in need of repair?  __ Yes  __ No  __ Unknown.

If yes, then describe.  (Attach additional sheets if necessary):



2.  Does the property have working smoke detectors installed in accordance with the smoke detector requirements of Chapter 766, Health and Safety Code?*  __ Yes  __ No  __ Unknown.

If the answer to the question above is no or unknown, explain.  (Attach additional sheets if necessary):______________


*Chapter 766 of the Health and Safety Code requires one-family or two-family dwellings to have working smoke detectors installed in accordance with the requirements of the building code in effect in the area in which the dwelling is located, including performance, location, and power source requirements.  If you do not know the building code requirements in effect in your area, you may check unknown above or contact your local building official for more information.  A buyer may require a seller to install smoke detectors for the hearing impaired if:  (1) the buyer or a member of the buyer's family who will reside in the dwelling is hearing impaired; (2) the buyer gives the seller written evidence of the hearing impairment from a licensed physician; and (3) within 10 days after the effective date, the buyer makes a written request for the seller to install smoke detectors for the hearing impaired and specifies the locations for installation.  The parties may agree who will bear the cost of installing the smoke detectors and which brand of smoke detectors to install.

3.  Are you (Seller) aware of any known defects/malfunctions in any of the following?

Write Yes (Y) if you are aware, write No (N) if you are not aware.

__ Interior Walls__ Ceilings__ Floors
__ Exterior Walls__ Doors__ Windows
__ Roof__ Foundation/__ Basement
__ Walls/Fences__ Driveways__ Sidewalks
__ Plumbing/Sewers/__ Electrical__ Lighting
   Septics   Systems   Fixtures

__ Other Structural Components (Describe):_______________________



If the answer to any of the above is yes, explain.  (Attach additional sheets if necessary):________________________________



4.  Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following conditions?

Write Yes (Y) if you are aware, write No (N) if you are not aware.

__ Active Termites__ Previous Structural
   (includes   or Roof Repair
   wood-destroying insects)
__ Termite or Wood Rot Damage__ Hazardous or Toxic Waste
   Needing Repair
__ Previous Termite Damage__ Asbestos Components
__ Previous Termite__ Urea formaldehyde
   Treatment   Insulation
__ Previous Flooding__ Radon Gas
__ Improper Drainage__ Lead Based Paint
__ Water Penetration__ Aluminum Wiring
__ Located in 100-Year__ Previous Fires
__ Present Flood Insurance__ Unplatted Easements
__ Landfill, Settling, Soil__ Subsurface
   Movement, Fault Lines   Structure or Pits
__ Single Blockable Main__ Previous Use of Premises
   Drain in Pool/Hot   for Manufacture of
   Tub/Spa*   Methamphetamine

If the answer to any of the above is yes, explain.  (Attach additional sheets if necessary):________________________________



*A single blockable main drain may cause a suction entrapment hazard for an individual.

5.  Are you (Seller) aware of any item, equipment, or system in or on the property that is in need of repair?  __ Yes (if you are aware)  __ No (if you are not aware).  If yes, explain (attach additional sheets as necessary). _________________________________

6.  Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following?

Write Yes (Y) if you aware, write No (N) if you are not aware.

__ Room additions, structural modifications, or other alterations or repairs made without necessary permits or not in compliance with building codes in effect at that time.
__ Homeowners' Association or maintenance fees or assessments.
__ Any "common area" (facilities such as pools, tennis courts, walkways, or other areas) co-owned in undivided interest with others.
__ Any notices of violations of deed restrictions or governmental ordinances affecting the condition or use of the Property.
__ Any lawsuits directly or indirectly affecting the Property.
__ Any condition on the Property which materially affects the physical health or safety of an individual.
__ Any rainwater harvesting system located on the property that is larger than 500 gallons and that uses a public water supply as an auxiliary water source.

If the answer to any of the above is yes, explain.  (Attach additional sheets if necessary):  ______________________________



7.  If the property is located in a coastal area that is seaward of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway or within 1,000 feet of the mean high tide bordering the Gulf of Mexico, the property may be subject to the Open Beaches Act or the Dune Protection Act (Chapter 61 or 63, Natural Resources Code, respectively) and a beachfront construction certificate or dune protection permit may be required for repairs or improvements.  Contact the local government with ordinance authority over construction adjacent to public beaches for more information.

_______________         ________________________________________

Date                     Signature of Seller

The undersigned purchaser hereby acknowledges receipt of the foregoing notice.

_______________         ________________________________________

Date                     Signature of Purchaser

(c)  A seller or seller's agent shall have no duty to make a disclosure or release information related to whether a death by natural causes, suicide, or accident unrelated to the condition of the property occurred on the property or whether a previous occupant had, may have had, has, or may have AIDS, HIV related illnesses, or HIV infection.

(d)  The notice shall be completed to the best of seller's belief and knowledge as of the date the notice is completed and signed by the seller. If the information required by the notice is unknown to the seller, the seller shall indicate that fact on the notice, and by that act is in compliance with this section.

(e)  This section does not apply to a transfer:

(1)  pursuant to a court order or foreclosure sale;

(2)  by a trustee in bankruptcy;

(3)  to a mortgagee by a mortgagor or successor in interest, or to a beneficiary of a deed of trust by a trustor or successor in interest;

(4)  by a mortgagee or a beneficiary under a deed of trust who has acquired the real property at a sale conducted pursuant to a power of sale under a deed of trust or a sale pursuant to a court ordered foreclosure or has acquired the real property by a deed in lieu of foreclosure;

(5)  by a fiduciary in the course of the administration of a decedent's estate, guardianship, conservatorship, or trust;

(6)  from one co-owner to one or more other co-owners;

(7)  made to a spouse or to a person or persons in the lineal line of consanguinity of one or more of the transferors;

(8)  between spouses resulting from a decree of dissolution of marriage or a decree of legal separation or from a property settlement agreement incidental to such a decree;

(9)  to or from any governmental entity;

(10)  of a new residence of not more than one dwelling unit which has not previously been occupied for residential purposes; or

(11)  of real property where the value of any dwelling does not exceed five percent of the value of the property.

(f)  The notice shall be delivered by the seller to the purchaser on or before the effective date of an executory contract binding the purchaser to purchase the property. If a contract is entered without the seller providing the notice required by this section, the purchaser may terminate the contract for any reason within seven days after receiving the notice.

(g)  In this section:

(1)  "Blockable main drain" means a main drain of any size and shape that a human body can sufficiently block to create a suction entrapment hazard.

(2)  "Main drain" means a submerged suction outlet typically located at the bottom of a swimming pool or spa to conduct water to a recirculating pump.

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 356, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1994.

Amended by:

Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 728 (H.B. 2018), Sec. 17.001, eff. September 1, 2005.

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The statutes available on this website are current through the 1st Called Session of the 85th Legislature, August 2017. The Texas Constitution is current through the amendments approved by voters in November 2017. In 2018 the section headings to the constitution, which are not officially part of the text of the constitution, have been revised to reflect amendments and to modernize the language.