Sec. 281.022. SHRIMP REGULATIONS. (a) The commission may regulate the taking of shrimp from the coastal water of Orange County to provide for the most profitable and equitable harvest of shrimp from year to year and to conserve and protect the shrimp resources of Orange County from depletion and waste.

(b) The commission may make regulations to carry out the policy of this section including regulating:

(1) the size of shrimp that may be taken;

(2) open and closed shrimp seasons;

(3) the means of taking shrimp;

(4) the size and type of boats and equipment that may be used for taking shrimp;

(5) the length and mesh size of net and trawls and their spreading devices; and

(6) the possession, transportation, sale, and other handling of shrimp in the coastal water of Orange County.

(c) The commission by regulation adopted in accordance with this section may provide for the licensing of all persons taking, selling, or handling shrimp in Orange County and may license boats and equipment used for the taking, selling, or handling of shrimp in Orange County. The commission may adopt the licensing provisions of the Texas Shrimp Conservation Act (Chapter 77 of this code).

(d) The commission shall conduct continuous research, investigations, and studies of the shrimp resources in Orange County in the same manner as required by Sections 77.004, 77.005, and 77.006 of this code. Based on the information obtained, and after hearings, the commission shall promulgate the regulations authorized by this section. The hearings, the method of adoption of the regulations, the effective date of the regulations, and the procedure for appeal shall be governed by the provisions of Chapter 125, Acts of the 52nd Legislature, Regular Session, 1951, as amended.

(e) "Coastal water" is defined by Section 77.001(1) of this code.

(f) A person who violates a regulation of the commission adopted under this section shall be punished as provided in Section 77.020 of this code. The commission has all powers of enforcement granted to it under Chapter 77 of this code for the enforcement of this section.

Acts 1975, 64th Leg., p. 1405, ch. 545, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1975.